Top Signs it is Time for Engine Repair

Top Signs it is Time for Engine RepairYour car's motor is responsible for generating the power that carries you from A to B. With routine maintenance it is likely that your car's motor will last multiple hundreds of thousands of miles with little extra service. However, this isn't always the case. Even well cared for engines may end up needing the occasional repair. If you notice any of the following signs of engine failure be sure to visit a local auto shop for further diagnostics and repairs.

Decreased Performance

Is your car having trouble getting up to speed? Are you experiencing a rough idle or stalling? If you ever notice your car is having performance issues it is a smart idea to let a technician take a look, often times small tune up services will restore drivability.

Fall in MPGs

Are you spending more time at the gas pump? A fall in MPGs can represent problems both big and small. If it is a drastic drop your car may have an exhaust leak, a minor decrease could indicate something like worn spark plugs or a clogged air filter.


Nothing should ever be leaking from your car. If you notice a leak be sure to let a technician take a look at it to determine the best course of action. Common leaks include oil leaks and coolant leaks.

Knocking Noise from Under the Hood

A knocking noise that rises and falls with the engine RPMs is often a sign of worn engine bearings, which supports the motion of the moving engine parts.

Check Engine Light

Perhaps one of the more obvious signs of engine trouble is also one of the most ignored. The check engine light usually turns on when a small problem is detected, but if left unchecked that problem will grow much worse and much more expensive.

Increased Exhaust

An increase in exhaust fumes could indicate fairly serious engine trouble. The color of the smoke often provides a clue as to what the trouble is. Blue smoke means oil is burning with the gas, white smoke may mean there is a coolant leak inside the engine and black smoke is an indication that too much gasoline is being burnt.

The sooner you get to an auto repair shop to address engine issues, the better chance the problem can be fixed before a complete rebuild is necessary. For expert engine repair in Lowell of Fayetteville, AR or the surrounding area head to NWA Car Clinic. We service all makes and models! Give us a call at (479) 717-9879 to schedule professional auto repair in Lowell!