Top Causes of No-Starts

Top Causes of No-StartsOne of the worst feelings you can get regarding your car is getting in, turning the key and having nothing happen under the hood. If your vehicle won't start it is likely due to one of the following common problems. The starting system of your vehicle is composed of several parts that work together in order to get the engine cranking. If one or more of these parts is unable to complete its duty your vehicle will not be going anywhere. When you suffer from a no start situation be sure to speak with the local mechanic who can quickly identify and fix the issue.

Dead battery

Perhaps the most common cause of a vehicle that won't start is it dead battery. The battery can die for several reasons, including something as simple as leaving the lights on. If your vehicle has a dead battery you can likely jump start it, but if it dies consistently it may be time for a battery replacement.

Bad starter motor

Another common problem that will prevent a vehicle from starting as a failed starter motor. The starter motor is fed and electrical current which causes it to actuate in order to engage with the flywheel in order to get the engine to spin. Common symptoms of starting trouble include a loud single click or series of clicks, or a constant buzzing noise but no other reaction from the motor when you turn the key.

Failed alternator

The alternator is what powers many of the electrical accessories in your vehicle while you are driving. It is also tasked with recharging the battery. If it fails it will be unable to do these tasks and the job will be left up to the battery, which will be quickly drained of its power. Signs the alternator is failing include dim headlights or trouble with other electrical accessories of your vehicle.

Bad ignition switch

When you turn the key it creates an electrical pathway that allows for the starting of your vehicle to take place. If the ignition switch is unable to create this pathway you will receive no reaction from the motor when the key is turned.

Fuel delivery issue

There are several things that can cause a fuel delivery problem. The most common of these being a clogged fuel filter, bad injector unit or a failing fuel pump. Head to the mechanic for proper fuel delivery problem diagnosis.

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